Products and Pricing


Custom Cracking and Blowing (Bring your pecans in to have them cracked)
$0.50 per lb

Cracked and Blown Fresh Papershell Pecans (mostly shell free whole halves)
$24 for 3lb bag
$40 for 5lb bag
$48 for 6lb bag
$80 for 10lb bag
$96 for 12lb bag

Whole Pecans (in shell)
$4.50 per lb

Shell Free Halves or Pieces
$11 per lb

Toasted Pecans (choice of cinnamon or Tabasco flavoring)
$8 per half lb

Candy Coated Pecans
$12 per lb for chocolate covered pecans, praline coated, chocolate amaretto, and chocolate pecan clusters

Fresh Local Honey
$18 per qt

Carmel Pecan Topping (great for ice cream)
$8 – 16oz
$5 – 11oz

Pecan Honey Butter
$8 – 16oz
$5 – 4oz

Pecan Oil
$5 – 100ml
$11 250ml
$17 500ml
$22 750 ml
$27 1Ltr

Pecan brittle and Peanut brittle
$6 per 3/4lb


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