Pecan Variety Information


This is currently just a list of our most popular graft wood.  We do have many other varieties upon request.

*click on the variety name for image.

  • Released in 1968.
  • Nut: oblong; round in cross section
  • 60 nuts/lb., 56% kernel;
  • Kernels golden in color; excellent shelling characteristics.
  • Early pollen shed and mid-season pollen receptivity.
  • Ripens mid-season.
  • Moderate scab resistance.
  • Recommended for commercial plantings in AR, LA, and TX.
  • Released in 1970.
  • Nut: oval; round in cross section
  • 48 nuts/lb., 58% kernel
  • Kernels light cream to cream in color
  • Mid-season pollen shed and mid- to late season pollen receptivity.
  • Ripens in late mid-season, shortly after ‘Stuart’.
  • Slow growing, “dwarf” type tree.
  • Very susceptible to yellow aphids.
  • Susceptible to scab in south LA; somewhat resistant in TX.
  • Recommended for planting in AZ, AR, CA, FL, NM, OK, SC and TX.
  • Released in 1959.
  • Nut: oval; round in cross section
  • 37 nuts/lb, 58% kernel; kernels cream to golden in color with darker veins
  • Mid- to late- season pollen shed and early to mid-season pollen receptivity.
  • Ripens in late.
  • Resistant to scab in most locations.
  • Requires good site and management to produce large crops of well-filled nuts.
  • Recommended for planting in AR, MS, OK, SC, and east TX.
  • lntroduced in 1930.
  • Nut: oblong; laterally compressed in cross section; shell darkly marked with stripes
  • 74 nuts/lb., 53% kernel; kernels golden.
  • Mid-season pollen shed and pollen receptivity.
  • Recommended for commercial orchards in AR, KS, MO, OK, and TN. Used as a seed stock in parts of OK and KS.

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