Pecan Management

Managing pecan trees is a crucial part of producing quality nuts on a yearly basis.  Proper management will help ensure each nut is filled, insect free, and tasty.  If everything is done right your trees will also be left with enough stored energy to produce a full crop every year.

The following is a list of common problems:

Scab –go to the and select PECAN on the top left of page, then under PEST CONTROL, select PECAN SCAB.
Phylloxera (Galls)
Pecan Nut Casebearer
Pecan Weevil
Walnut Datana
Twig Girdler
Zinc Deficiency

The Oklahoma Cooperative Extension Service provides Fact Sheets to help prevent and control insects and diseases, when to treat, and what chemicals to use.  You can click on fact sheets link above to go directly to treatments for the listed problems or visit their website at

General Management:

Fertilizer – See Fertilizing Pecan Trees by Oklahoma Cooperative Extension
Nut Thinning – See Crop Load Management by Oklahoma Cooperative Extension
Pruning – See Annual Pruning of Trees by Oklahoma Cooperative Extension


Other Fact Sheets of Interest by Oklahoma Cooperative Extension Service

Improving Native Pecan Groves
Weed Control
Insect Identification
Managing Yard Trees
Calander for Pecan Growers
Pecan Varities for Oklahoma
Starting New Pecan Trees
Propagation of Fruit and Nuts by Seed
Collecting and Storing Graft Wood
Selecting Best Way of Starting Pecan Trees
Pollination Requirements


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